Shine Social Club is a digital platform where adults (60+ years) can make new friends and organize & join events near them.


The Shine Social Club is free to download in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The app works on both a tablet and a smart phone. With Shine Social Club you can arrange an activity or just grab a cup of coffee, and 5 minutes later meet up with a neighbor or friend. Set up your profile and get started! The app features a map that shows people and events around your location.



Make new friends with the Shine Social Club app & meet up in your area. Exclusively for 60 years and up. Our aim is to bring people together with similar interests and actually meet up spontaneously. Of course, are all your current friends also welcome to join you. Meeting up can be as simple as going for lunch in the restaurant at the end of the street, or going for a walk in the park nearby.



Shine Social Club is founded by the entrepreneurs Alon Ben Joseph & Jonathan Salomon in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Both have a great passion for entrepreneurship, people and technology. The idea to set-up this initative came from the fact that both entrepreneurs saw their parents evolving from working professionals into 60 plussers who have more time for fun things to do.




YES! Wij doen met Shine Social Club mee met de Nationale Zorginnovatieprijs 2022: dé Nederlandse innovatieprijs op het gebied van zorg en welzijn.

🇳🇱 Goede voornemen voor 2022: een goede vriend zijn 🤝 #SamenSchijnen

🇬🇧 New Year’s resolution for 2022: be a good friend 🤝 #ShineTogether


✨Wishing you and your family a Healthier, Happier & BETTER NEW YEAR! 🍾✨May every day of the new year GLOW and SHINE with success, prosperity and GROWTH! 💎 Filled with FRIENDS! 💝 Happy New Year from the whole Team Shine Social Club. ✨