Life is much more fun when you can share the great moments together! Shine Social Club is the app for 60+ to make friends and meet new people in your area. We love Simon Sinek. We have read his book "Start with Why" several times. These are the reasons why we have started Shine Social Club:


We think the there is no such platform for people 60+ where they can meet people with the same interest and attend events near them with like-minded people.


The timing is right. As technology permits us to develop such an app with awesome AI behind it and the target group has mass adopted tables & smartphones.


It sounds corny, but Alon & Jonathan love to work as a team.  And, they believe this app will bring a lot of fun to all users!


Whatever business, enterprise or (non-profit) organisation Alon & Jonathan start, it always has to bring good karma. We believe connecting people is good karma.


Friendships and belongingness are a necessity. According to Abraham Harold Maslow they are, but we kind of agree with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. But, that is not what we mean when we formulate The Why of Shine Social Club. We mean there is a necessity in today’s world for a new networking platform. A social networking platform that is more qualitative. More fun. More today. Shine Social Club is the app that helps people find new friends and do fun things near them.


The founders of Shine Social Club, Alon & Jonathan, love technology. They love bringing people together. The combination of the two, plus timing (the technology finally makes it possible) to launch Shine Social Club.


It is important to have fun in what you do. Especially in your work. So, Alon & Jonathan, childhood friends, love to work as a team and have a lot of fun. But, they have also decided that Shine Social Club needs to be fun. Fun for all users. Not fun in a childish way. Not fun like a computer game. Not fun as in a fashion trend. No, fun like it gives pleasure and adds value.

Good Karma

Besides having fun working as a team. Alon & Jonathan also want to add value in everything they do. And, not only adding value in a monetary way, but also bringing value to all stakeholders. They think the ultimate form is: good karma. Karma is that age-old universal theory of getting what we deserve based on our thoughts and actions. We believe connecting people is good karma and therefore Shine Social Club is an excellent ‘good karma tool’.